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He appears familiar right? That is the beauty of resemblance. Falz’s eyes and lips are a link to an older face in Nigeria’s legal arena. Falz born Folarin Falana is a son of Femi Falana one of the most respected lawyers in Nigeria. While his father has made a name for himself through his high profile court cases and his concerns and comments on national issues, Falz’s heart is in entertainment where he currently enjoys the spotlight.

In his own words, here is the strategy behind his rise in the music scene, “I believe what you have to do in a scene such as this is to be unique. And I think my music is very unique. The infusion of comic lyrics which people can easily relate with, with a lot of old school jam and the contemporary hip-hop is what makes my brand of music very unique. It is very different from what any other artiste out there does.’’

Falz’s funny demeanor is a strategy that’s paying off. And what else does one expect from a musician with a law degree from University of Reading, United Kingdom and Nigerian Law School Abuja. His Karishika hit sets him apart from the crowd of new comers and today, Falz the Bahd Guy is among the headliners of major music events in Nigeria.

So why the Bahd guy? The entertainer says Bahd guy is an acronym for Brilliant And Highly Distinct Guy. And that sums it up; it takes brilliance and uniqueness to be where Falz is today.

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