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Sex Sells And Kylie Jenner Knows Better

Kylie Jenner

Sex sells and no country profits more than the United States of America in the packaging of sex for commercial and voyeuristic purpose; here is a piece on Kylie Jenner put together by Keeps Magazine to buttress this line of reasoning.

The sexy photo shoot of Kylie who turned 18 on 10th August 2015 can make a man jack off, oh yes, those are 18+ photos. She posed for the pictures while on vacation in St Barts. I guess you know who Kylie Jenner is? Only a few people in this social media age would not have heard about the Kardashians and Jenners. And millions of people all over the world are keeping up with them.

It takes a great business mind to initiate a reality show about Kim Kardashian and her family. Kim’s popularity soared after her sex tape with Ray J was made public, and the aftermath of that has been money, money and more money for the reality star and her family.

Kylie Jenner is Kim’s half-sister and the youngest daughter of Kris Jenner. There is no doubt that Kylie is following the blueprint laid down by her big sister. Although Kylie might not be married to a rapper but she is dating one. It takes some game to have a boyfriend present you a $320 000 car as a birthday gift.

The reality TV star owns a $2.7 million mansion where she spends quality time with Tyga her rapper boyfriend. Kylie’s net worth is at $5 million. Lately, Vivid Entertainment and a few other porn giants have been trying to get Kylie to do “a video” featuring her and Tyga. And the stakes are high. The young Jenner stands to make as much as $10 million if she accepts the Vivid offer. Steve Hirsch who helms Vivid Entertainment reasons that Kim and Ray J’s tape launched Kim’s career so a Kylie and Tyga tape will be equally positive for the fast rising reality star.

Sex sells, the Kardashians and Jenners understand that better but will Kylie do a skin flick for the top dollar? Only time will tell. For now, the model and socialite is enjoying the attention her recent photo shoot generates.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot

with Tyga

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