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The Alaafin Way

The Alaafin steals the show anywhere he goes with his wives; this is 2015 and it takes style for an elder to be flanked by four beautiful women. And these queens play the part of the African women of the old. They (queens) are glad to be taken and be seen with the King. “The king” in this context would be a superstar, rich and influential; Alaafin of Oyo is an embodiment of the above attributes and more.

Men don’t want to be polygamous in Nigeria today; the rivalry on the part of the women is dangerous and it is quite expensive to keep a polygamous home. But that doesn’t mean the custom is dead. The Naija landscape is dotted with men of status who are “Kings” in their own right and they delight in the bosoms of women of different shapes and sizes who they marry.

Apart from the Alaafins, there are Atikus, Sunny Ades, Dokpesis and Okoyas the list goes on. Many of them are in the world of politics, business and entertainment across the 36 states.

Choice is the key word here; a man can choose to stay single with baby mamas, he can as well find his missing rib and stick to her for the rest of his life in a bitter-sweet matrimony. Or he goes the Alaafin way. The choice a man makes is his. In the words of Fela, don’t chase women up and down on the street like dogs, bring them home and make them your wives.

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