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Tunde Ednut’s Jingle Bell Bell Video Review

The video of Tunde Ednut’s Jingle Bell Bell parades the VGBGs- very good bad guys- from the senior “Pastor” Ali Baba whose church members are addressed as Awon omo Wobe, a street lingo introduced into the Naija’s musical lexicon lately by Baado. But this is not a YBNL musical video. The guys on this set are MI the Choc City helmsman, Falz the bahd guy, Orezi from the Rihanna fame.

Jingle Bell Bell is a dramatic musical video with a colorful set, the only thing that singles Tunde Ednut out as the owner of the jam is the caption- Tunde Ednut featuring MI, Orezi and Falz but after that, the heavy weight musical players on his video set have a stronger presence than the host. With that said, Ednut can easily be forgiven; his foray into comedy has changed the way he is viewed. To me, Tunde Ednut is a part time musician compared to Orezi whose musical delivery shows mastery.

Now, MI ushers in this Jingle Bell song with a not-so-tight rap. To Mr. Incredible a respected lyricist and a heavy hitter in the game the song Jingle Bell should be complemented with an elementary delivery. And here is the danger in MI’s watered down flow- his call for mummy and daddy, aunty and brother to hit the dance floor lacks the swagger of a rapper and that’s not a cool move right there. But when Falz the bahd guy handles the second rap verse, you can tell it is a knock out. Falz needs the hunger to propel his steady rise up the hip hop ladder. The rapper’s been killing every verse he’s been on even before his Karishika hit.

Now you have it. Tunde Ednut’s Jingle Bell song has a beautiful video. It is a musical you can watch over and over again. Is it Ali Baba’s dance steps? Or is it his suit? The veteran comedian makes 50 years beautiful and easy. Kudos to Ednut , what a way to ignite the festive season with rhythm and colour.

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