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Tyga Stimulated Video Review

Stimulated video kept me going back to YouTube for more view; it looks like I can’t get enough of this Tyga’s new musical video which features his girl (Kylie Jenner). Stimulated has enjoyed over five million seven hundred thousand views in less than 48hours it debuted on YouTube.

The fuss made about the lyrics of the song (They say she young ... I shoulda waited ... She a big girl, dawg ... When she stimulated.) by various online media was what Tyga needed for the perfect timing to premiere the beautifully shot video. The smooth camera movement and the good use of space won me over.

And there is a story line to stimulated video which is about a regular day in the life of a rap star. After composing and rehearsing a hit, Tyga takes a reefer break, after a few tokes, the rapper is calm and here comes the ultimate "stimulator" in the person of Kylie who completes her boyfriend’s day by sharing some intimate moments with him.

In terms of delivery, Tyga stays on point. And stimulated lyrics are quite interesting and smart. Rap game has witnessed a change. In the era of 2pac, rappers had to be thuggish to shine. But today, it is about how hot your chick is. From Jay’s Beyonce to Kanye’s Kim then Meek’s Minaj and now the spotlight is on Tyga who is having a ball with it.

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