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Dr Smith rocked a face cap, sneakers and a white caftan. As he strolled he enjoyed a constant what’s up Dr Smith from people as they made him stop for a hand shake or a hug. It was evident the emcee’s got the love and support of the people, the location was Old Airport Junction but it wasn’t hard to tell, Smith attracted the same reception anywhere he went in Jos. You could tell from the way his face covered various posters and fliers of different shows which ushered in 2017.

Having Lyrical Dr Smith’s face and name on a poster these days comes with a price; the rapper makes sure there is a provision for his bread before grabbing the microphone, in other words, he is handsomely paid these days for his performances.

Dr Smith has paid his dues, rocking shows for free, from hood to hood in the chilled city without a letdown. The money he is presently making is as a result of about a decade hard work. When Jeremiah Gyang worked with him, the effort birthed Dan Gata, a song loved by many. Dan Gata was a hit that nobody saw coming and Smith’s fan base grew. Dr Smith’s love for rap music cannot be faulted. His job as an on-air-personality, Unity FM Jos had to give way; for the rap game needed him.

The vibe and excitement Dan Gata created had not died down when Smith dropped Bulla an engaging single and without a doubt the demand for the rapper from Kaduna to Kano. Nasarawa to Bauchi got higher but amid the heights and the spread of his lyrical phenomenon to more states in the country Dr Smith kept a humble demeanor while sustaining a constant self-promo.

When he was asked about the state of rap music in Nigeria, the ABU Zaria graduate replied by saying rap music is in the North. And equally one emcee Dr Smith has respect for is Ice Prince because Zamani is giving back and paving way for other talents from J Town to come up.

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