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D’Chalie Making Music Album Review

D’Chalie Making Music Album Review

Taking a sit behind the boards, D’Charlie a J Town producer and rapper provides us with an ensemble list of artists who bring variety to the table while also flying the flag of hip-hop. Making Music is packed with bars and more bars with some real thumping beats to back it up.

There is the theme of love and religious references throughout the album giving us a little idea of D’Charlie’s person. The tracks: Jazabel, How Long and Microphone Crush Clean are standout from first listen, the later a metaphorical joint by Ill mastah and Icesizay professing love for the microphone.

The album is not without its flaws though, with the lack of memorable hooks, the choruses on Making Music are not pulsating with energy except the corny hook from the track Germinate featuring Dr. Smith and Msmooth. A couple of under-par and obviously unnecessary songs rob the album of its cohesiveness making it feel too long.

Good production and mixing give and take Making Music is an enjoyable listen; it is evident D’Charlie put in a lot of work in that department setting a spring board for featured artists to do their thing, in the process providing us with a good project.

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