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ARC. Hattinsha Clement Bankat

He is young, handsome and charismatic. His star quality woos you from the go.

His rhetoric about a better Nigeria appeals to even a passive listener. All it takes

is a stage and a crowd and watch Architect Hattinsha Clement Bankat enlighten

you on how to get set free from the conspiracy that has kept younger Nigerians

from aspiring to leadership positions at the corridors of power.

Hattinsha Clement Bankat

The second edition of his annual leadership lecture series set that stage and

Bankat wasn’t alone in this quest; Mr. Samson Itodo the convener of Not

Too Young To Run Movement in Africa was a guest speaker at the occasion who

painted vivid pictures of how bleak the future is for a young Nigerian who isn’t

engaging the system with an intent to carve a future where tribal sentiments and

religion will no longer be the divisible forces keeping young Nigerians from

attaining common goals of higher standard of living.

Don’t mistake Ndi Kato for a Nollywood actress; the founder of PolitiSHEan is one

of those rising divas in the Nigerian political arena whose drive and outspokenness towards ensuring that every Nigerian female is given an equitable civil treatment make her a political player to watch. Her paper presented at the annual leadership series convincingly highlighted the gains Nigeria will enjoy from

treating the women folk fairly in every situation.

The second edition of the annual leadership series hosted by Architect Hattinsha

Clement Bankat with the theme: Making The Patriot was held at Crest Hotels in

Jos. Bankat is young with enviable track record from being a student

union leader to becoming a successful professional in the field of architecture

and other noble fields through diversification. In other words, he is an employer

of labour who is contributing his quota towards a better Nigeria. Will he run?

Bankat's presentation enjoyed rapt attention

Ndi kato(represented) Clement Bankat Samson Itodo

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