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Let’s decipher DA VINCI MODE. Here is a regular next door guy from Okokomaiko who is crazy about soccer, a school girl crush and understands the importance of prayer and bible study. But he will lose his cool when it comes to addressing wack rappers, as a matter of fact, he will battle them. Dissing upcoming rappers now, what is the benefit, all I wanna do is real hop and yeah sell a bit, when it comes to fucking with the 9, yeah they celibate, why on earth do I battle rap, yeah for the hell of it.-WE AT IT AGAIN

In this age and time when lyrical emcees take people to club, mode 9 has remained a “Nasist” even when A1 makes BADMAN’S hook dance able the rap remains hard. It is obvious that Modo is a non conformist who wants to be left alone with his real hip hop fans. They want another rapper with the same ass flow, fake bling bling, chain hanging low, Soulja Boy’s friends rocking every show, they want a repetitive flow but no, I don’t dress like a rainbow, I spit lava, and you lame ho- WHUT YOU WANT. He reminds listeners that he remains the architect of Pentium IX with BLACK RAP MESSIAH on XYZ’s beat; you find the emcee in his perfect environment here.

Sampling is employed regularly on DA VINCI MODE to keep the hip hop tradition alive; Fela’s vocal on MY LIFE is a perfect blend.

The issues (subjects) addressed on the album are slim, what remains constant is the attack on wack rappers, check this: I beat you over the head with an iron pipe, for trying to sell me junk aint the buying type.-RHYME TIGHT.

The emcees featured on the album possess equal lyrical dexterity. Kraft and Terry Tha Rapman shine.

After a thorough digest of the album one can conclude that Mode 9 is at fixity. The lyrics are witty as usual, the joints are not less than twenty, Kraft still produces a couple of beats, Swat Root clans are still given props. A modo's fan can’t complain with this offer, but the 9 can still raise the bar without necessarily going pop, WE DEY VEX with 2baba is a clue.

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