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Why I Am Convening The Strategic Jos Summit

My thoughts and the underlined concepts for Strategic Jos Summit, I think have been adequately captured as published by, however for the purpose of emphasis and perhaps expanded clarity. I will share additional thoughts.

As Thinking and imagination, research and study expand, the field of play also expands exponentially with frontiers of knowledge, experience, experiment, practice, trends, innovation and strategies inter-crossing. Hence our problems, have also become broad, multilayered and to some extent complex.

Victor Prince Dickson

Ideally, what should have also followed is a broad based approach to solutions, strategies and models. Unfortunately, many are still insisting on applying old remedies to new problems. For us therefore at the Strategic Jos Summit, we believe and rightly so, that there is no “one solution fits all’ because of the context and dynamic complexities of the modern age.

To this regard we have chosen to look at the crucial issues from a multilayered perspective after which I believe we can gain the right insight to marshal workable strategies at individual, group, community and national levels.

In this case we are looking at Human Asset, the most important term in the Fourth Economy. What many still refer to as Human Capital or Human Resources; a crucial determinant of growth and development especially in a world facing population implosion.

Strategic Jos Summit in this regard becomes the prism to disintegrate the

Human Asset into a value chain taking into cognizance the role of leadership, the church, health, morals, development models, media and tech and A.I in the making of an 8D Human Asset. At the end of the event we can crystallize our findings to what was, what is and what is to come.

That is why no C.E.O, Government official and smart Entrepreneur can afford to miss this rare opportunity especially when the registration is almost free. Thanks to our supporting brands and the magnanimity of the Panelists.

The Summit holds, 26th of May, 2018, at Mountain View Guest Inn, Yakubu

Gowon Way after NTA Jos, from 11am to 3pm. You can register through Emmab Global Concept 0025719048 Access Bank: After payment send name and email to 08036126128.

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