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Spain vs Portugal World Cup 2018: Ronaldo the game changer!

Christianah Ronaldo

It was another exciting football Friday as Spain held Portugal to ransom. Was it Portugal Spain thing or Real Madrid vs Barcelonia or Ronaldo demanding for "Balloon D’Or” again? As Portugal against Spain group B match continues to attract comments across the globe. Some believe that history has been made already despite been the second day of the event. Seeing the teams set things straight in the hearts of football lovers.

It is of general opinion that team work makes football sweet. That was so obvious in the tactical display on Spanish side. Great time, great dribble, great tactics and great kicks as Spain dominated the second half of the match.

If you ask me whether the Pyrrhic victory was for the Spanish side? I would respond, yes! It was. It looked like they've gotten the first ticket that would have transmitted to smooth ride to round of 16 slaying their toughest opponent. To me, they won the Portuguese side, broke their defense a million times and put fire on their toes but what was their offense? They had forgotten about the game changer called Christianah Ronaldo.

The coach and players were lost in euphoria of sweet game that they celebrated too fast. In a tactical football match where you have desperate hunters everywhere, you don't celebrate too fast until the end of the game.

Victory is inconclusive until the final whistle is blown.

This was the singular offense on the Spanish side to the desperate Ronaldo who became repulsive and very angry; he was going vehemently for the throwing, angry against the referee and his opponents. He refused to be humiliated by the tides and was ready to prove himself to the world and not just to the Portuguese fans. I quickly realize that to Ronaldo becoming world best is nothing for now, but Balloon D'Or is everything. World cup is his destiny and he came prepared for it having realized that this could actually be his last world cup appearance.

Ronaldo was ready to set the record straight and finish the task of breaking the barrier to making history. Sometime we need to realize that "destiny is too unique to be sacrificed for partnership". He made the quick decision to be the game changer, to fight for his destiny than been ridiculed in the face of his fans even when it seemed like he was the only one ready for it, neglecting the tactical and calculative display from the opposition. He couldn't penetrate their defense, but he strategically destabilized them until they brought him down at his favorite free kick spot.

He reminded himself of his nice kicks both at Manchester United and Real Madrid. He took four steps backward, rolled up his shorts to minimize unnecessary restriction and sighed heavily to allay all his fears and redirect them to the hearts of his opponents: the players, coach, goal keeper and the whole Spanish fans. He made the goal keeper to see ball as an element programmed for the net alone. Then I asked, who said football is not simple psychology?

Ronaldo broke the barrier at the moment the cold defeat had taken hold of the hearts of thousands of Portuguese in Russia. Nature responded, fans were beclouded with joy, jubilation got triggered everywhere as if it was the world cup final. People were thrown in dilemma all over the world whether to call it waterloo or Pyrrhic victory. No, it was a draw! This is a legendary lesson for Nigeria team and the rest of the world, team work may do the magic but when you don't have it in your team be ready to be the game changer. #CongratulationsPortugal! #CongratulationsRonaldo!

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