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Netwealth Consult's Financial Independence and wealth Creation Seminar

The Financial Independence and wealth creation seminar organized by Netwealth Consult on the first of October 2018 in the city of Jos, Nigeria had sessions devoted to self-discovery for career and business success with insightful presentation from the host Dr. Kingsley Mayowa Okonoda the CEO Netwealth Consult; a mental health promotion, peak performance and lifestyle consulting outfit.

Other life changing presentations in the area of mindset restructuring were done by Prince Charles Dickson a thoroughbred professional in the field of human psychology. And a popular life coach in the city of Jos, Sam Semaco Jinadu did a break down on how life transformation exercises can be applied daily.

Mrs Olubunmi Okonoda a member of the work force in the apex policy making institution in the country moderated the sessions which involved participants from various walks of life.

Seated from left to right: Sam Semaco, Mrs. Olubunmi Okonoda, Dr. Mayowa Okonoda and the Dicksons

Dr. Okonoda (self-discovery for career and business presentation)

A table from Dr. Okonoda's presentation

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