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Bethel Njoku Stays Distinguished with a Steady Rise.

Bethel Njoku has always been that calm dude with boss moves. The comedy show he anchored with his partner Cyril Ugege on Raypower 100.5 FM in Jos as early as 2004 quickly became a hit with dedicated listeners all across the city of Jos.

Senator and Osama Bin Ujay became household names instantly. Senator (Bethel Njoku) and Osama’s (Cyril Ugege) friendship began from the University of Jos Theatre Arts Department. Osama would always give his pal the credit for getting him discovered for the comedy business.

Bethel Njoku in his twenties at the time had made an impact as a popular comedian on radio, his next move was to take that buzz to the next level as he teamed up with Osama and they both shined under Bethel Njoku’s imprint - Handcuffs Entertainment, with their major debut stand-up comedy show.

As these dudes were getting bigger both on air and in status; the head of programs Raypower 100.5 FM Jos, late El Sadiq Yola had to drop the comedy stars from the station in a classical Robert Greene’s Law 1.

Their exit from Raypower 100.5 FM was a blessing in disguise as Senator and Osama quickly hooked up with Eldee of Rhythm FM Jos, a new branch of the Bruces’ investment (Silver Bird’s Group) in the Tin City.

In about three years Senator had made his impact felt in J.Town as a stand-up comedian and an On-Air Personality. And with a completed degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Jos, It was time to conquer a new terrain- Lagos.

The key was networking; the Black Berry Messenger was the trend around that time. Senator had befriended Julius Agwu whose Crack Ya Ribs show was loud at the time. The veteran stand-up comedian was touring the major cities in Nigeria in the mid 2000. He could easily work with Senator , Osama and Funny Bone whenever his Crack Ya Ribs tour made a stop in Jos.

The JJC badge had no effect on Senator who had paid his dues in the industry in a way before stepping to Lagos. Real recognizes real, as Senator mingled with the top guns in the industry, he was tasting the international as top comedy figures such as Basketmouth and Julius Agwu were taking their shows out of the shores of this country with the likes of Senator in their corner.

And with the hues and cries about the state of Nigerian economy, the smart entrepreneurs are exporting their crafts, products and services for the top dollar. And for senator who had been making boss moves in his twenties conquering a new terrain on his own now won’t be a hard nut to crack.

Senator has rounded off the Senator Most Distinguished Uk Tour, with stops at London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Northampton and Manchester successfully.

Osama and Senator

with wife Kemen Jibrin Njoku

At Northampton- Senator Most Distinguished Uk Tour.

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