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Your Excellency Movie Review

I saw the movie Your Excellency this week and I was glad I did. It's the first movie I've seen this year and it's a good beginning for me. I've always loved anything Funke Akindele but her combination with Akin Lewis on that movie was fantastic. Apart from being excellent actors, their interpretation of their roles was flawless. I'm beginning to fall in love with Seyi Law. His role in the movie was really outstanding. His facial expression and mannerisms were on another level.

Your Excellency is comedy that is not too much in your face. It's hilarious without some of the banalities that accompany most comedy movies around here. The scriptwriter has a very fertile imagination. Dialogue was 100%. Acting was on point. I particularly love the Ajadi dance. There was no dull moment and I consider this wholesome family entertainment.

But beyond the comedy, the movie examined the role of social media in our lives and this was a major takeaway for me.

For me, this movie ranks up there like King of Boys. It's a movie I will want to watch again.

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Bayo Adeyinka is an entrepreneur who enjoys a good social media presence for his views and presentations

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