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What we learnt from Broda Shaggi's Interview

What we learnt from Instagram sensation, Animashaun Samuel Perry, better known by his moniker, Broda Shaggi

* The agbero character is not my lifestyle ordinarily. But basically what I do as an actor is that I create characters

*Before social media, I have been acting. I’ve been in movies. I worked with ROK Studios, and I worked with Africa Magic.

*. When I started, I was advertising for people, musicians who want to put their songs under my skits, for a low prize. But right now, I charge more because I put in more work, I put in more creativity.

*How i created Broda Shaggi - I was actually fixing my car at the mechanic workshop and the guys were talking. One was supposed to help me buy something and the way he talked was so funny and I liked the character. So I looked for a suitable name. I settled for the name Shaggi. And that was it.

*I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. People don’t believe it, but it is true.

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