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There is no doubt Pizzo da LP is one Nigerian emcee that has found a witty way of professing his love for the kush and the pretty young girls. Pizzo opens the tales by moonlight with the track dumb shit. Taking us back to his high school days as he reminisces on what he calls dumb shit but truth be told his stories are more of some fun shit with a finer delivery on the second verse as the rhymes get stressed for that feel good effect. With a cool and melodious production by viral Beats and a soothing vocal by Kendra that makes you want to recite the chorus- running wild on some dumb shit, twenty something I’m running wild, when am thirty I settle down.

The tales by the moonlight continue as the young misunderstood Pizzo had to attend three different secondary schools as a result of the troubles he was getting into. These are dear tales to Pizzo’s heart; the seriousness in his delivery on for life one of the singles from the album featuring Paybac is a pointer.

The fine art of storytelling is what you will get from the track playing with fire as Pizzo digs deeper in this insightful piece about religious division which is an everyday reality in Nigeria. He concludes the Aisha story brilliantly. Viral Beats functions as a sound composer scoring a movie here with his rich instrumentation. Playing with fire is a stand out track without a featured artiste and Pizzo delivers on the hooks as well.

Almost full moon is another heartbroken tale with a little input from Tizzy Tunes and Paybac. I wished Kendra would have taken the chorus on this joint for a better rendition and texture as well as expressing a broken heart from a female perspective. Teckzilla’s beat seems to take a new pattern on the second verse shared by Pizzo who switches his flow to complement his guest’s.

Kross Roads is so personal unlike other tales by the moonlight. The emcee has just fallen apart with a love of his life after all the sacrifices made to the relationship. And the choice of Ifro Afro’s vocals mixed with Pizzo’s flow for this expression is a perfect blend.

Apart from the tracks Bestest life ( I am loving the chorus on this track with a hustler theme) featuring Paybac & D Truce and the coded family ties, there isn’t much room for freestyle on this project as Pizzo da LP goes all out to have a story told with every other single track. Neither is the emcee worried about having punchlines here and there or some out of space metaphorical ish. His focus on this project is telling stories that matter.

After years of offering his fans revered mixtapes for the culture, Pizzo is dropping his debut album at ease with the confidence that his tales will resonate with lovers of good music.

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