illMastah Chief 'Smooth flow

April 30, 2020



illMastah  Chief (real name L Tariq  Tochukwu Nneji) is a revered emcee in J Town known for his distinctive smooth flow and rich delivery. He has not stopped shining either on other rappers' projects as a guest or on his own album Soul Train of Thought


As creatives are making good use of the long lockdown hours to create and initiate innovative challenges; L Tariq has been meeting whatever competition set up by the hommies in his circle with ease; one of such is the Tsevende Tersoo’s beats challenge.


We also can’t forget how he turned a piece of writing on convid-19 posted on facebook by a friend of his into spoken word. Even Channels TV aired Lockdown J Town Freestyle illMastah  Chief participated in alongside Terry Tha Rapman and Lah Scientist on its entertainment news.


With all said and done, you still can’t predict the next move this emcee who favours a low profile will make but one thing is certain though, Tochukwu Nneji is steady honing his skills.




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