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JED PLC human resources retreat in Jos

Recruitment to Jos Electricity Distribution company (JED PLC Jos) will likely be done periodically henceforth after an online advert must have been placed to reach potential employees. This new way of thinking is as a result of the training facilitated by enterprise development executive Ahmmed Mohammed Shaibu of Profile Builders and public relation strategist Emina Kenneth of Simply Basic during a JED PLC human resources retreat in Jos shortly before Nigeria went on a lockdown as a result of the convid-19 pandemic.

Staff re-alignment such as deployment and transfer will be done digitally (real time) in replacement of the previous manual approach. The communication flow needed to accompany the recently introduced performance based salary in JED PLC will no longer be delayed according to the participants.

The duo, Ahmmed and Kenneth describe their sessions which cover accessing and understanding the rudiments of HR (Human Resources), developing effective strategies for human capital development and application of skills to enhance human resource performance as a teaser.

The move towards a more effective computer based system in JED PLC cannot be disconnected from the new technologies in electric cars which will replace fuel powered cars in the not too distant future.

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