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How did the name Nollywood Governor come about?

I produced a movie called The Governor; after bringing the movie out, people call me the governor and I answer them.

A lot of youths in Nigeria want to be a part of Nollywood but they find it difficult to get into it

Nollywood is for everybody, if you can speak and act, it is a large industry that can contain everyone.

Can you talk about some of the movies you are into lately?

Formerly if you are given a script, the title would be there; all of a sudden some people find out that when you give a title another person may copy it. So they forget about that so I cannot say this or that but I have done a lot.

It’s like you enjoy playing a particular role

I am a versatile actor. Anything you are giving to me I would try my best. I have played the role of a pastor, a reverend father, name them.

For how long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry for years. If I may say, I am almost as old as the industry as far as Nollywood is concerned. The way things are moving in the industry now is not giving me joy because there is no more orientation for those ones that are coming in. I mean the younger ones, the upcoming artists, some of them don’t know anything about the industry, nobody gave them advice on what to do. Some don’t ask questions before jumping into the industry. For example every tribe in Nigeria has its own culture. Some people don’t know anything about their culture.

For example there was a movie I was involved…I went out to do something, when I came back, I saw a masquerade speaking English, I said no, it will not happen while I’m here.

How did the director take it?

After everything the director came to me and said thank you. A strong man can never allow a bad thing to happen in his presence…it is an Igbo saying.

How much do you collect par movie?

Well, it is like any other businesses where goods are displayed and when somebody comes to buy; it depends on agreement…ok my good is 150 but somebody says he wants to buy it at 120. If you look at what is offered, you can say I have made so so amount, let me sell. It’s just like that.

Apart from acting is there any other thing you do?

I am a business man I deal in textile. Acting is not the only thing I do.

How do you cope with women in the industry?

(laughs) The industry is like any other institution, Unijos, Uniben, Nsukka and the rest of them where you see beautiful women but all you have to do is to control yourself because if you don’t, you will have problem. It is not everything you see that you will eat.

Are there other actors that you respect in the industry?

Chief Pete Edochie , Olu Jacob and many of them.

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